Change is a beautiful and ominous thing.

We see it all around us. In the seasons as the leaves turn, fall and then rebuild in green. The constant motion of the earth and everything on it. Change brings death to the old, but new life is in it’s wake.

Yet why do we spend a good part of our lives resisting change? Pretending that consistency is the key to safety. That routine equals security. Tied to the fear that if life were to look differently then perhaps it would suddenly split open and we would fall into a great canyon of unknown and horrible mysteries.

This year my life took some unexpected turns and began a series of changes. And through it I realized that change is not only inevitable, it is what we were designed for. Change brings growth. It stretches us out of the comfortable zones that are constantly zoning us out. Change is a catalyst.

Now I am not challenging every person to quit their job and travel the world. But what I am saying is that perhaps we should intently search for change instead of treating it like a four letter word.

Because here’s the thing.

I would dare to say that many of us are bored.

Clinging to the same daily rituals not out of necessity, but because it feels safely familiar.

So this year, be intentional to bring new life to your life. Change your living room around. Take up a new and challenging hobby. Put your television in a closet for a month and see what happens. Never thought you would go skydiving? Be the person that skydives. Set up a time to meet someone new that may just be an inspiring person. Surround yourself with people that challenge you. Actively search after ways to be a better mother, husband, or friend.

Only you know what changes would breathe life for you. Don’t run from them. Instead open up space to welcome in the change like a long lost friend.

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