Runaway Bride

Runaway bride, a cute cliché movie about a woman who chronically left men at the wedding alter. And also a bit of my life. Though at least my run-away wedding was a week out when it got called off.

My mom’s side of the family has always been close, and large. Lots of cousins and most of them were married just out of college and had four plus children before they were 30. My uncle once said to me, “You just don’t want to get married.” And I suppose having had multiple opportunities to tie the knot, and being 37, it may look that way to some. I’m not sure that’s true. I think I just do things a little differently.

Let me describe it this way. A good friend was telling me the other day how his father owned a furniture shop. My friend wondered why his father would put everything on “sale” every weekend. His father explained it like this. “People will not notice the sale until they are looking to buy. Once they decide to buy, the sale only gives them a reason to come into the store. This way they buy fast.”

I thought to myself; but I’m the girl that moved into a small one bedroom in Brooklyn and waited 3 months to buy a couch. I made due with a blow up mattress on the living room floor and searched over 20 stores throughout NY. Because I knew the type of couch, not the exact couch, but the qualities that I wanted. And I wasn’t ready to settle for less.

So I looked and looked. I measured the space to the half inch. And then finally one day it happened; I found THE couch! It was beautiful, and totally worth waiting for. And 9 years later I still love it. With the investment I put in, I take painstaking care of it. I am happy that I didn’t just pick the first couch or succumb to the pressure to hurry up and catch the sale.

Much like my couch, I want to be patiently searched for by someone and vice versa. Many people decide that it is “time to buy a couch” and make a quick purchase. They don’t measure. They don’t think much on how it will fit into their space.

I don’t want to be the plaid polyester couch they buy on sale as soon as they walk into the store just because they are ready to buy. I want to be that suede-ish, 3 part couch, with a hid-e-way bed that fits perfectly into the designed space.

I think for that I will wait. 

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