I Know You Are But What Am I?


I reluctantly pulled myself over to the gym this afternoon. I sat down to use the row machine across from the free weight area of the gym. If you are familiar with gyms, you know that when I say “free weight” area, I am discussing a part of the gym that is generally packed with very muscular men, usually wearing tank tops. Not too many women usually venture there.

Today however, I noticed a woman sitting on a bench in that area with a dumbbell in her hand. She was young and slightly overweight, with hair pulled back in a disheveled ponytail and thick glasses sliding down to the end of her nose. As she did sets of curls I noticed a burly man sitting on the next bench over. He had a huge dumbbell in his own hand, but instead of using it he sat with a smirk on his face observing the young woman.

As I watched he said “Hey!” to get her attention and proceeded to use his dumbbell to mimic her in a not so flattering way, laughing as he did so. I assume he felt some sort of amusement with her “form.”

Ironically while he was doing this I observed that he was sitting directly under a large sign with the words “Lunk Alarm” announced in bold letters. The lunk alarm is a warning to gym goers that they should not do things like drop weights, grunt loudly, or judge others. I was personally disappointed to see that it did not go off. To the woman’s credit, she simply glanced at the man for a moment and continued her sets.

People, we all have our “lunk” moments. Times where we secretly or even not so secretly judge how others are performing in life. At least I know that I have had my own moments of “lunking” others. But really, nobody likes a lunk.

I have decided this; to set my own personal lunk alarm within myself. When I see an opportunity to lunk, instead I will strive to be a hero in their story. To offer a word of encouragement or perhaps even a hand of help.

Or how about going another step and viewing that person as the hero? After all, they are the ones defying the mundane and reaching for more; getting out of the comfortable and driving themselves forward.

Instead of being a lunk, how about we look over and affirm, “Way to go hero!”

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