Chapter 26.6 – Flight Connection

The world is connected. The more I see of it, the greater truth this statement becomes. I stare up at the flight board at the airport and it is clear that in a matter of hours we can be anywhere else. In that place things will be different than we have seen, but also very much the same.

I drink coffee at a quiet cafe and watch a man run along the beach. A woman this morning offered me a ride in her cab because we were going to the same area, just to be kind. I see a couple at the restaurant next door on a first date. I could be in New York, I could be in Buenos Aires; I am in Lima.

There may be great seas or mountains separating us, but we are all on the same ground. We don’t choose where we live or how we start out. We choose how we live. All of the choices after.

I believe we all look for similar things. Love, a good life, purpose, peace; a good story. Choice by choice. Chapter by chapter. Creating this story of life.

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