CHAPTER 16.6 – Street Smarts

Life Lessons Learned from the Road:

It is possible to live a happy, fulfilling, and peaceful life with only about 10% of the possessions you currently own. Depending on your outlook and priorities.

The “American Dream” is one way of viewing the world. There are others.

The world is full of tragedy and heartache. But it is also full of silver linings in the form of people you meet daily. Look for them.

Smiling is good for your health and for the health of those around you. Don’t let anything take that from you.

No one owns you. But if they love you well, let them in.

Americans own too many socks and underwear. Let it go.

Marketing works, know what makes you happy. Be strong.

You are braver than you realize.

“You make your money. Your money doesn’t make you.” ~Bedouin cave dweller

People can change. You won’t be the one to change them.

If you are bored, go skydiving.

It’s true, someone always has it worse than you. But someone else always has it better. The trick is not to compare at all.

Be you. You do it best.

People are more important than a clean house or a fancy car. Live like that’s true.

Love is still the most important thing.

Don’t let what you own – own you.

Food won’t bring you happiness, but make sure you are happy with what you eat.

Love yourself enough to be yourself, regardless if others do.

It is far easier, faster and safer to judge someone than it is to know them. Try it anyway, they might surprise you.

There are a lot of motivational quotes in the world. They mean nothing without action. Pick one, act on it.

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