A Soliloquy to Writer’s Block:

Pen are you broken?
I hold you poised and ready,
Yet you remain obstinately still.

Fingers please don’t pout.

I have told you how important you are,
Even though your size is small.
We have hope that you will do great things.

Hand are you in rebellion to pen?

Is there some disagreement that 
I am not aware of?
That you refuse to be kind to one another
And work together.

Mind didn’t you have a caring mother?

One that taught you that it is polite to share your thoughts,
Rather than lock them behind unseen walls.

Soul are you on vacation?

You did not set the away greeting, 
So I would expect you to be home.
Is it sunny where you are,
And I’ve always wondered,
Do you need sunscreen in your form?

Body come back to me.

Soul I promise you can relax at home.
Let’s learn to work together.


Written By

New Yorker, photographer, blogger, and life time dreamer.